Welcome to Learning Unlimited TSA

Your teaching school alliance.


Are you ready to discover?

Welcome to Learning Unlimited TSA

Your teaching school alliance.


Are you ready to discover?

Welcome to Learning Unlimited TSA

Your teaching school alliance.


Are you ready to discover?

Welcome to Learning Unlimited TSA

Your teaching school alliance.


Are you ready to discover?

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Learning Unlimited Teaching School Alliance

St Thomas of Canterbury School, in the Meadowhead area of Sheffield, is a National Teaching School.  Our teaching school alliance is mainly focussing on primary and early years and it is our aim to engage as many schools as possible.  Andrew Truby is the executive headteacher of the school and is leading the teaching school alliance.


Why should I engage with a teaching school?

In this new educational landscape, schools could easily become isolated and may find that they do not have a natural partner or group.  The Government is committed to a school-led system and teaching schools are at the heart of this.  Learning Unlimited Teaching School Alliance welcomes all schools and early years settings.




How could I engage with this alliance?


Informal Basis
Any school may engage with the alliance for any of the services that we provide to the system on an informal basis.  E.g. from time to time, you may wish to send a member of staff on some CPD or you may wish to engage with one of our events.
Alliance Member School
Schools may become formal members of the alliance in order to engage at a deeper level with the work of the teaching school.  This may be to take part in specific projects, to access our CPD programme or SLE support.  These schools will be able to influence our priorities.
Strategic Partner School
These schools have something specific to offer the alliance and will work very closely with us to deliver aspects of our work, for example, to lead on a particular area of the Big Six.


The support and professional development you receive at St Thomas is absolutely outstanding. You really feel part of the staffing team and family from the first moment you arrive at the school. St Thomas is always looking to invest and develop you as a teacher, creating leaders for the future.

Bradley Jowitt, Schools Direct Trainee Teacher, 2015

The support I have received from both my mentor and other members of staff is far more than I ever could have imagined. After training at St Thomas of Canterbury, I feel so prepared and confident to begin my full-time teaching career. The opportunities I have been given have been world class.

Abby Stevenson, Schools Direct Trainee Teacher, 2015

I believe St Thomas of Canterbury is an ideal place to train as a teacher because you are not only part of an outstanding teaching practice, but also part of a big loving family.

Farshad Ai, Schools Direct Trainee Teacher, 2015

The Big6

There are 6 core areas of responsibility for teaching schools.

1. School-led Initial Teacher Training<br>

1. School-led Initial Teacher Training


One of the most important aspects of our work is the recruitment and training new entrants to the profession.

Our mission is to grow and develop the highest calibre of teacher to meet the needs of the system.  The teaching school alliance will be offering school-based initial teacher training from September 2016 so, if your school would like to be involved in this as a partner school, please get in touch to find out more.

In addition to general primary school teachers, we also plan to train EYFS teachers and primary specialist mathematics teachers.

In order to be eligible for a place on Schools Direct teacher training, you will need to have significant experience in a primary school.  If you are planning to apply for a place and you would like to gain experience as a volunteer in one of our alliance schools, please register your details here.

2. Continuing Professional Development

2. Continuing Professional Development


Our teaching school alliance runs a range of professional development courses in the traditional sense based on what schools tell us that they need.

We also offer the Outstanding Teaching Programme and the Improving Teaching Programme throughout the year and the participants tell us that this really has a significant impact on both their classroom practice and confidence.  If your school is looking for something more specific, we can also broker support from a system leader or a Specialist Leader in Education.

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3. Leadership & Talent Management

3. Leadership & Talent Management



Teaching schools play a key role in identifying teachers with the potential to become school leaders and this can happen right from the start of their journey as a trainee teacher.

We would encourage schools to work with us to identify talented individuals so that we can make sure that they are getting access to the latest leadership development training and engaging with any interesting opportunities.

4. School to School Support

4. School to School Support

Learning Unlimited Teaching School Alliance is working closely with Sheffield Local Authority, the other Sheffield teaching schools and with the Diocese of Hallam to identify schools who would benefit from support. This may be a significant school to school support package or some targeted support in a specific area. Teaching schools are also responsible for applying to the ‘School to School Support Fund’ to support schools who require support.

LUTSA provides bespoke support to schools at whichever stage of the journey you are on.

A few examples of how we can support schools:
– Tailored school to school support package for a vulnerable school.
– Facilitation support specific to individuals or groups of good schools wanting to become outstanding.
– SLE support with a specific area of the curriculum or a specific area in the school such as early years.
– Support for peer reviews.
– Pupil Premium Review.
– Challenge visits.
– Pre-Ofsted health check.

The TSA works with NLEs, LLEs, SLEs and other system leaders in partnership with local authorities and dioceses to identify the needs in the system and provide a bespoke response to this therefore each support package will be based entirely on your individual needs.

If you would like to discuss your support needs, please contact by email to a.truby@lutsa.co.uk or by telephone on 0114 2745745.

“We are here to serve the system by meeting your needs so please do not hesitate to get in touch.” Andrew Truby (National Leader of Education)

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5. Specialist Leaders of Education

5. Specialist Leaders of Education


SLE Vacancy Now Available

SLE Job Vacancy Information
SLE Application Form – June 2015

Teaching schools designate and broker specialist leaders of education for commissioning in local schools.  Specialist leaders of education are experts in a particular area and may be deployed to schools as part of a support package, may provide specific CPD or may even deliver on the Schools Direct programmes. Although there is a commitment from schools to make the SLE available for deployment, this is also an excellent way to retain the best staff in our schools at the same time as allowing them to develop professionally by working outside of their own school.

The teaching school alliance will be recruiting SLEs in the next round so we need school leaders to tell us what the demand is in terms of subject areas / expertise and to encourage the best classroom practitioners to apply to be designated.  It is anticipated that the next recruitment window for SLEs will be in May 2015.  If you have someone in mind already, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to have an informal chat with them about what they may be able to offer.

6. Research and Development

6. Research and Development



Our alliance is committed to engaging and leading educational research.  The majority of our work is in fact action research and it is imperative that the work we do is rooted in the latest evidence-based research and that our work is written up and published so that others can learn from it.

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities for a number of research and development opportunities and our partner schools would be key players in this sort of work.  It is also an area where the SLEs can play a key role in shaping the future of education.

Mathematics Mastery

Learning Unlimited TSA is proud to announce its partnership with Mathematics Mastery. Please take a look at the information below to find out more.


About the Mathematics Mastery partnership:

Mathematics Mastery aims to transform maths education in the UK so that every child can succeed in maths.
Specifically we re address four fundamental issues:

+ Too many children are falling behind
+ Not enough children are excelling
+ A teaching focus on procedures over understanding
+ Negative attitudes towards maths 'ability' and enjoyment

A key way we are tackling these issues is by adopting a mastery curriculum, in line with international evidence and the 2014 national curriculum. A mastery curriculum is one in which the large majority of pupils progress through the curriculum content as the same pace, with differentiation through depth not coverage.

A mastery curriculum alone is not enough to transform maths throughout a school. The Mathematics Mastery model therefore combines the 'mastery curriculum' with other good practice. We support teachers to change their training and in-school support, and be facilitating collaboration between schools.

We believe that:

+ No child should be left behind
+ Many more children can excel in maths
+ Deep understanding is important and achievable
+ Every child can enjoy mathematics

Mathematics Mastery aims to transform achievement in mathematics by facilitating a collaborative partnership of schools, committed to a common vision and shared curriculum, who engage in high quality professional development. Through excellence leadership, this results in exceptional teaching, and ensures every child develops a deep understanding of mathematics.


Mathematics Mastery Case Study
Expression of Interest Form



To find out more about Mathematics Mastery, please visit www.mathematicsmastery.org



A complete Mastery English curriculum taught through immersion in high quality, whole class texts, which develops young learner's fluency and depth of understanding in the key reading, writing, grammar and punctuation skills.

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News & Events

Check out our latest news and information regarding teaching training and upcoming events.

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When you engage with an event organised by Learning Unlimited, we aim to exceed your expectations.  We take pride in getting the little details just right to make your experience memorable.  If there is anything that we can do to make your time with us even better, please let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Our attractive training room offers the following facilities:


Our Pelican Rouge Swiss made bean to cup machine for barista quality speciality coffees
A selection of teas from around the world

Fresh, filtered sparkling and still water
A comfortable breakout area
Air conditioning
High quality bespoke catering to meet your requirements
60” LED display screen
Dry wipe whiteboard
iMac computers with bluetooth keyboard and mouse
Printing facilities
Parking at Morrisons (park and walk)

Packages offered by our Strategic Partners

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Tinsley Meadows - Literacy

Porter Croft - Greystones S2S Support


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